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Записи с темой: записочки (список заголовков)

There was once a young man, who wished to gain his Heart's Desire" (c) "Stardust"
Their agony was long
The messages they wrote
Each other
Across the globe
Were full of strokes.
Of heart failures and crushing moans,
They hyperventilated both,
But couldn't stop
And so

They grabbed the phones
And typed
The sentences and smiles
and false
They shouted words across the space and time they've lost
It hurt them lots
And lots
And more, and both

She tried to stop
The agony dissolved itself in blood and bones
And came back with the tide
Of crushing hopes
And pain so strong it made her type
The words
And click the "send"
To pass the agony

He tried to stop
He turned notifications off
For whole day long
By end of what
He crawled right back and reached the phone
And typed the words
His fingers numb, his heart rate wrong
It was painkilling - to spread
The agony
Through wires and codes
Through winds and roads,
Whatsup and pigeons,
On and on

Because the agony is sweetest
And most addictive
When -
affecting both

And so they wrote,
To spread the chaos
To mess the world
To have the sweetness,
to be addicted,
to have it all
And not to be for sure
the only one
to hurt.

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There was once a young man, who wished to gain his Heart's Desire" (c) "Stardust"
The times we had, нуууу

The city made of waves and breeze and bricks,
We had the times, we lived the nights,
We reached the hands,
We touched the lips.

It all comes heavy, messy, warm,
It touches soul and tickles arms
White night, wild dreams, and heavy sighs
The empty streets all full of eyes
The buildings lit, the windows dark,
We say goodbyes and never part,
Night buses, corridors and streets
All hiding places, if you wish.

Try close the door you hold with hand
Try staying whole, don’t be a slut,
Don’t be a whore;
as night is here,
We’re out again to have
some breeze.

Сим объявляю сумасшедший, выворачивающий наизнанку, изрезанный взлетными полосами-дорогами май почти закрытым. После того, как я три недели, как заведенная, бегала по европейской карте по нужным-ненужным делам-не делам, я сижу в Вильнюсе в Макдональдсе на вокзале - как обычно, - и пью чай. остались последние два дня беготни, и я смогу вернуться домой ненадолго.
Ухухух, быстрее бы.

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There was once a young man, who wished to gain his Heart's Desire" (c) "Stardust"
If I'd be asked about exactly what we did -
I'd say we did some lighting up.
I'd say - we shared some stars that burn inside
So bright
It hurts.
I'd say - we made some moments
Out of nights
And words.
And all of that we did -
We loved to do.
And all the lights we lit, and all of those
We burned out to the ashes,
Including sunrise shining pink and yellow
Behind the hills
The day we left,
They made us dance and split the warmth
In parts
Between the strangers;
They kept us going, surpassing us
and borders not been crushed
just yet.

You have to do it sometimes - be young and dreamy,
And restless.

And so we did - with souls being transparent
And minutes lasting ages.

And so
We'll always
Do -
For just as long as this is how it goes -
With dreams we share and chase,
With songs and people,
WIth being invinsible together,
And farewells

Мне неловко выкладывать его еще куда-то, потому что оно ну очень личное, пусть хоть здесь повисит.

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