There was once a young man, who wished to gain his Heart's Desire" (c) "Stardust"
If I'd be asked about exactly what we did -
I'd say we did some lighting up.
I'd say - we shared some stars that burn inside
So bright
It hurts.
I'd say - we made some moments
Out of nights
And words.
And all of that we did -
We loved to do.
And all the lights we lit, and all of those
We burned out to the ashes,
Including sunrise shining pink and yellow
Behind the hills
The day we left,
They made us dance and split the warmth
In parts
Between the strangers;
They kept us going, surpassing us
and borders not been crushed
just yet.

You have to do it sometimes - be young and dreamy,
And restless.

And so we did - with souls being transparent
And minutes lasting ages.

And so
We'll always
Do -
For just as long as this is how it goes -
With dreams we share and chase,
With songs and people,
WIth being invinsible together,
And farewells

Мне неловко выкладывать его еще куда-то, потому что оно ну очень личное, пусть хоть здесь повисит.

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